GIC Perestrakhovanie

GIC Re is ranked 11th Among the top
40 global reinsurance groups
by S&P Global Ratings



GIC Perestrakhovanie LLC was incorporated on 14th November 2018 and operates on the basis of reinsurance license No. PS 4375 issued by the Central bank of Russian Federation on 30.01.2020. The paid-up capital of the company is 600,000,000 RUB.

The scope of GIC Perestrakhovanie’s activities covers the entire Non-life facultative and treaty reinsurance across all major lines of business.

The values of the company:

Vision: To be the Leading reinsurer

Mission: to provide the market with first-class reinsurance services while cultivating long-term relationship with business partners on the basis of modern business ethics and practice and deployment of all contemporary reinsurance products and technologies.


  • Mutual trust and respect
  • High quality of service and professionalism
  • Transparency of all processes
  • Efficiency and reliability