GIC Perestrakhovanie

GIC Re is ranked 11th Among the top
40 global reinsurance groups
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Information Disclosure

Full name: Limited liability company “GIC Perestrakhovanie”.

Short name: “GIC Perestrakhovanie” LLC

OGRN 1187746936783 of 11/14/2018

TIN 7704465140

RRC 771001001

OKVED 65.20

Legal address: 123056, Moscow, Gasheka St., 7, building 1, floor 6, unit I, room 21

Mailing address: 123056, Moscow, Gasheka St., 7, building 1, Business Center “Dukat Place II”, 6th floor, office 610

Phone: +7 (499) 657-5510


Official website:

Supervisory authority: Central Bank of the Russian Federation (CBR, official website:

Membership in the associations: All-Russian Insurance Union (VSS) - registration number 248 from 28.04.2020.

Information about the structure of shareholders of the Company, including controlling shareholders, is equal to the information submitted to the Bank of Russia on 03.12.2020 for it's placement on the official web site of the Bank of Russia.

Personal Data Processing and Protection Policy
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Master Contract on Reinsurance
0.48 mb Uploaded: 25 August 2020 18:00
Charter of GIC Perestrakhovanie LLC
16.91 mb Uploaded: 16 November 2020 12:28
License PS No. 4375 for reinsurance dated 01.30.2020
1.22 mb Uploaded: 1 June 2020 17:37
Certificate of registration with Tax Authority
0.28 mb Uploaded: 1 June 2020 17:37
Certificate of Incorporation
1.6 mb Uploaded: 1 June 2020 17:38
List and Structure of Shareholders and Parties controlling the Company
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The register of agents and brokers (the Company does not have active contracts with agents and brokers).
A summary of the results of the individual assessment of employment conditions in 2019 and the List of recommended arrangements to improve working conditions.
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